• VIDEO GAMES AND TEEN MENTAL HEALTH: A DIFFERENT TAKE   Right now there’s a lot in the news about whether video game and tech addiction are a real thing. This is certainly debatable, and we have yet to see if teens and young adults will eventually have to do 12-step programs to wean themselves off video games and social media. Yet a report in Maxim tells us that video games can be very beneficial, especially when you’re stressed out.     As Maxim explains, “A new study from the U.K. may dispel some... Read Article
  • MANY ARE NOW CALLING FOR SCREENING FOR TEEN DEPRESSION AND TROUBLED YOUTH  Teens are very anxious and stressed these days, and now there are reports that teens and troubled youth can be screened for depression and hopefully head it off at the pass. NPR reports that about 50% of depressed adolescents get diagnosed before they become adults, and that 2 out of three suffering from teen depression get help. Making a major understatement, one teen psychiatrist says, “It’s a huge problem.    Now the American Academy of Pediatrics has put out a call for screening for... Read Article
  • SHOULD DRUG EDUCATION BEGIN IN KINDERGARTEN?  It’s a cliché but it’s true…you should talk to your children “early and often” about the dangers of addiction and drug abuse, but should it begin as early as kindergarten?    As The Fix reports, there is indeed a drug program that is speaking out to kindergarten kids in Ohio called HOPE. It’s not strictly for kindergarten kids, it goes all the way up to the 12th grade, but it indeed starts at a very early age.    HOPE stands for Health and... Read Article
  • A NEW LOOK AT COLLEGE AND RECOVERY College can be a very stressful experience for many people, and there has been a great demand for therapy and sobriety programs for students who are under tremendous pressure to succeed. In an NBC News story on college and sobriety, the number of college substance abuse programs has taken a good jump, from 29 on campus recovery programs to 186. There clearly needs to be more, but the ones that are currently up and running have counseling, sober dorms, and... Read Article